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Financial accounts are not just for the tax man – they are your measure of progress and our advisors will help you understand what the figures mean. We recommend that our clients do as much, or as little, of their own book work as they desire, and because we have a talented team who understand business, they will work in the background with all the common software systems, providing support, feedback  and advice on suggested improvements that you can make. 

Why Choose PKF New Zealand?

We are here to make a real difference to our clients. Delivering a high-quality, efficient accounting services is just part of that, and allows us to help our clients  develop, improve and grow their business.

How Can Our Accounting Services Help You?

Our people are experienced in using all the common software packages and can provide assistance with various aspects of your system development. We can also provide assistance on the establishment or review of your office procedures to ensure that you are making the most of very opportunity.