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Increasingly, New Zealanders are conducting businesses globally. We are a nation of exporters, travellers and investors and when it comes to choosing your business adviser, it is critical that you work with someone who shares this global perspective – while understanding what it takes to succeed in your local community. PKF New Zealand is part of a global network of legally independent firms bound together by a shared commitment to quality, integrity and the creation of clarity in a complex regulatory environment. Our family consists of over 400 offices operating in 150 countries across five regions. We specialise in providing high quality audit, accounting, tax, and business advisory solutions to international and domestic organisations in all our markets.

Why you should choose PKF

PKF New Zealand member firms offer a wide range of business advisory and accountancy services that meet the needs of their individual clients.

When you use a PKF New Zealand firm you can be confident that the work will be carried out by dedicated professionals with international expertise. We do this by getting to know the people behind the figures and the business. Once we know what is important to you and your business, we can provide the services and advice that will really make a difference. When you become a client of a PKF New Zealand member firm you benefit from real, on-going, hands-on contact with our team, from beginning to end.  

What sets us apart is our ability to combine professional expertise with a personal touch. Our aim is to assist our clients to achieve their business objectives by providing innovative solutions and support.